The Best of Edinburgh's Epic Architecture


Edinburgh is a city framed and flourished by the gothic, moody and simply breath-taking Georgian architecture. Built and framed around a street known as The Royal Mile, the city centre staggers each side of this archaic peak, with the city castle at the crown. To wander the streets of Edinburgh is to take a trip back in time, saturated by the beauty of a bygone time and up-kept with a pride only The Scottish could muster.

The Scottish Capital is eye-candy for the photographer whether you’re just looking with eyes wide open, or gazing down the lense of your camera. We’ve detailed a few of our favourite spots across the city to catch a snap, and being slap-bang in the city’s centre, we’re only a few minutes walk from each.


(5 minute walk from The Baxter)

Take a stroll out our front door, swing a left and you’re on a set of stairs – stairs which will lead you to an old architect’s work in progress. Although the building was never completed, the front pillars of it were, and it’s become not only a city sight, but also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Unifinished National Monument are well worth a view for the view.


(5 minute walk from The Baxter)

Calton Hill is also resident to more iconic Scottish monuments and buildings. These include the National Monument, Dugald Stewart Monument, Nelson's Monument, the Old Royal High School, Robert Burns Monument, Political Martys' Monument and also the City Observatory. Phew! Quite a bundle of beauties perched up there. If you’re out of your bunk-bed early enough and up the hill, you’ll catch the best sunrises over the city before heading back to the hostel to grab breakfast. Alternatively, head up there a late night jaunt, try star-spotting with the City Observatory.

3. Circus Lane

(10 minute walk from The Baxter)

A ‘wee gem’ (a small treat in ‘proper English’), the hidden streets of Stockbridge have plenty lanes and alleyways to nip down and get a glimpse of old Edinburgh. Don’t miss out on Circus Lane, but also do some exploring around this side of town to find the cutest markets, alleyways and gardens in it’s winding paths and cobbled streets.



(15 minute walk from The Baxter)

Tucked away, just South of the heart of the City is Edinburgh’s Dean Village. With the Water of Leith running through it and the river banks growing into gardens, it’s hard to believe that you’re just a couple of quaint streets away from the city centre. After sunrise on top of the city at Calton Hill, make your way to this tucked away gem for a perfect spot to watch the sun set.


5. Down The Shore

(40 minutes walk from The Baxter)

Leither’s call it Leith, Edinburgers call it Edinburgh. Whatever it is, Leith Shore is a beauty all in it’s own right. If you fancy a trek, then the sun certainly does shine on Leith (as the old proclaimers’ track proclaimed), at sunset. If the weather’s right for a walk, Get down ‘The Shore’ for a summer night’s drink (or four) on the waterfront.

There’s a lot more to Edinburgh than these beauties, and the best way to see it is get out and get exploring the streets. We’re always on the look, keep up with us online to see more of the City’s gems: